Expert Advice from AWS Partner Solutions Architect added to our March Webinars


Cloud Storage Security for Amazon S3
We are excited to announce that Rob Melka Partner Solutions Architect at Amazon
Web Services (AWS) will be a guest speaker for our March Webinars “Securing
Amazon S3 in the Age of Covid 19.”
The emergence of Amazon S3 as the center pin of cloud applications and the
increase of cyber-attacks during the Covid 19 pandemic have converged to make
Amazon S3 an emerging threat vector for malware and viruses. Taking advantage of remote work, hackers are shifting away from stealing sensitive data to launching
successful ransomware attacks from cloud object storage. According to Netskope,
Amazon S3 is now one of the top 5 cloud sources for blocked malware downloads.

We are excited that Rob Melka, Partner Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services, will share best practices for bolstering the security of Amazon S3 utilizing the most recent enhancements to Amazon S3 and complimentary AWS Native Services.

Our session will also include a live demonstration of Cloud Storage Security’s cloud
native antimalware solution Antivirus for Amazon S3, recreations of a successful
ransomware attack on Amazon S3, and a live Q&A session where attendees can
interact with Rob Melka and our co-founders Aaron Newman and Ed Casmer.
If your company or organization is storing and sharing files from Amazon S3 and
want to reduce the risk of sharing malware with your users, customers, and
partners, you will want to attend our webinar
Our webinars are scheduled for March 16th at 12:00 PM Eastern and March 18th at
3:00 PM Eastern and registration is available here: