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Antivirus for Amazon S3: Application Workflow


ADEC Innovations


Case Study: ADEC Innovations guarantees customers malware-free reports

ADEC Innovations collects environmental data from public sources and aggregates these resources in a pdf report for environmental professionals. Occasionally, customers would report that the delivery of the file had been blocked. Learn what ADEC decided to do about it.


Poka Case Study


Case Study: Poka makes Amazon S3 SOC2 compliant

Learn how Poka Inc., a web and mobile app designed for manufacturers to support on-the-floor training, knowledge building, and communication, meets SOC 2 compliance requirements while saving money and cutting dev time.


MindEdge Case Study


Case Study: MindEdge prevents a security incident 

Learning management platform, MindEdge satisfies SOC 2 compliance requirements and prevents a potential security threat from a user-uploaded file via Antivirus for Amazon S3.



Workvivo Case Study


Case Study: Workvivo ensures its application users are free from the risk of malware infection 

Workvivo is a workplace employee communication platform that allows organizations to keep their employees engaged and up to date with what their colleagues are doing.  Learn why they needed to ensure their files are infection free and how they ensure data cleanliness.


Antivirus for Amazon S3: Data Lake


CSS - Agency Use Case


Use Case: Agency Protects Against Malware in Data Lake on Amazon S3  

Learn how our scalable AV solution, with the ability to customize deployment for security requirements, can improve bucket configurations, gain a unified view of threats, meet federal scanning requirements, and scan TB of data while saving money and streamlining processes.


CSS White Paper - Data Lake Thumbnail


White Paper: What’s Lurking Beneath the Surface of Your Data Lake?  

Dive into the considerations and misconceptions of securing the data ingestion layer of data lakes built on Amazon S3 and learn how we simplify data security through AV scanning and data classification.