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Using Sophos to Eradicate Malware with Cloud Storage Security

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is widely used to run cloud-native applications, build data lakes, archive data, and backup critical data. In fact, it houses over 200 trillion objects, making it an appealing attack vector.

As cybercriminals develop more sophisticated malware they also develop new targets and new ways of distributing it. In addition to focusing on securing traditional avenues and existing security layers, you need to consider the security of the data that runs through Amazon S3.

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Use Case: Agency Protects Against Malware in Data Lake on Amazon S3

The Challenge

Like many public sector agencies, this organization uses Amazon S3 to ingest and store large amounts of data from third party vendors and data brokers for processing.

During a security audit, it was determined that the ingestion of TB of data each month from outside sources is a major attack vector. There was no assurance that the data has been scanned for malware and viruses before it was processed and accessed by agency staff or shared externally with partner agencies.

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How to Eliminate Malware from S3 Data Lakes and Application Workflows

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) launched over 16 years ago and today houses over 200 trillion objects making it one of the most successful services provided by AWS. Organizations use Amazon S3 to build data lakes, run cloud-native applications, backup and restore critical data, and archive data at low cost. Amazon S3's popularity has made it the center pin of cloud computing. This popularity has opened the door to advanced threats such as malware, ransomware, viruses, worms, trojans, and more.

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Antivirus For Amazon S3 Workshop: Malware Scanning For Application Workflows

If you ingest files into Amazon S3 from third-party sources that can eventually enter an environment where they become executable, you're opening the door to malicious payloads. Learn how to protect your users, customers and partners from ransomware, viruses, trojans and more during this detailed and technical event - Antivirus For Amazon S3 Workshop: Malware Scanning For Application Workflows.  This article includes links to register as well as what's being covered and who would benefit most from attending. 

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One Thing Missing From AWS Pi Day 2022

AWS celebrated 16 years since the launch of Amazon S3 with AWS Pi Day on March 14, 2022. Since the beginning of the year, some incredible announcements have been made including improvements to file integrity, the new Glacier Instant Retrieval storage class, general availability of AWS Backup, and much more. With over 200 trillion files being stored (that’s 29,000 files per person on earth) and more than 100 million requests per second for files, S3 is used now more than ever. However, there’s still one aspect of storage security that continues to be overlooked — the topic of antivirus scanning.

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FBI and CISA Guidance on Destructive Malware

It is well known that malware can disrupt the availability of critical assets and data, impairing an organization’s ability to operate. It is key that organizations remain vigilant and defend against malware across all potential entry points.  

Recently, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released a joint cybersecurity advisory to raise awareness regarding destructive malware and provide preventative recommendations.

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Cloud Storage Security Names Michael L. Torto Chief Executive Officer

Seasoned executive with accomplished multi-decade career handpicked to help grow startup 

Sandy, UT / March 3, 2022 -- Cloud Storage Security, a startup whose flagship product helps customers detect advanced threats and manage data in Amazon S3-based data lakes and application workflows, today announced the appointment of Michael L. Torto as its Chief Executive Officer. Torto has taken over as CEO from Cloud Storage Security Co-Founder Aaron Newman, who held the position since the company launched in mid-2020 and has moved on to serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors. 

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Security Analysts Should Look Out for These Cybersecurity Trends in 2022

This year, cybersecurity continues to be a buzzword among decision-makers looking to future-proof their organizations. Recent surveys show that 44% of security leaders anticipate increasing their cybersecurity budgets within the next 12 months. By the end of the year, cybersecurity spending is estimated to hit $172 billion.

That said, cybersecurity isn’t a consistent industry. Just because you have a hefty budget doesn’t guarantee safety. Instead, a decent budget is best paired with an awareness of the cybersecurity trends that may impact organizations the most. Before you or your cybersecurity provider make any concrete plans or investments, first, here are some timely trends you should consider:

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