Antivirus For Amazon S3 Workshop: Malware Scanning For Application Workflows

If you ingest files into Amazon S3 from third-party sources that can eventually enter an environment where they become executable, you're opening the door to virus payloads. Learn how to protect your users, customers and partners from ransomware, viruses, trojans and more during this detailed and technical event - Antivirus For Amazon S3 Workshop: Malware Scanning For Application Workflows.  This article includes links to register as well as what's being covered and who would benefit most from attending. 

Cloud Storage Security is an AWS Partner with Security Software Competency an AWS Qualified Software offering.  

During this session, Ed Casmer, CTO and Founder of Cloud Storage Security, will be joined by AWS Partner Solutions Architect Aron Eidelman to cover everything you need to know about the AWS Shared Responsibility model, fundamental configuration setup, and malware scanning, including how to integrate Antivirus for Amazon S3 as part of your application workflow. By the end of this three hour session you’ll be an expert in using our solution and will know how to secure your Amazon S3 buckets as well as enable virus scanning.

We are hosting our first developer day on May 31, 2022 at 11 am ET!  Don't miss out - add it to your calendar now!

Who Is This For?

This is an advanced session for developers, dev team managers, security engineers and solution architects. 

Commercial, regulated and public sector organizations throughout the world turn to Cloud Storage Security to ensure their data is clean and that their environment is secure.  Reference some of our case studies for additional perspective on how we've helped Amazon S3 users.  

What Are We Covering?


  • Securing Your Deployment

  • Multi Account and Multi Region Deployment 

  • Available Scan Models and Which is Best For Your Organization

  • Enabling Bucket Protection

  • Integrating Into Your Security Operations Center and SIEM Systems

  • Total Cost of Ownership

This session includes deployment, testing, configuration, best practices and much more. We are diving deep into options for scanning objects in your S3 workflow without impacting application performance and user experience. We will also discuss Cloud Storage Security’s capabilities for integrating findings of potential threats into your security operations using AWS Security Hub, ticketing and SIEM systems.


Newbies Welcome

 If you’re brand new to Antivirus for Amazon S3 or are just starting to look for a solution your organization can use to secure its S3 buckets, this workshop is perfect for you. It will give you a full breakdown of all of the major features inside the app and will help you hit the ground running with testing and scanning. We encourage you to ask any and all questions you may have before, during and after the workshop. 

Existing Users Too

If your organization is already using Antivirus for Amazon S3, you may want to consider joining us as well to benefit from learning even more about the solution. It’s a great way to get a free in-depth training session for your team.

What Do You Need to Participate?

This session is hosted on BrightTALK so you'll need a BrightTALK account - signing up is free and easy to do when you register for the workshop. To get the most out of the session, we also recommend that you have:

  • An AWS account
  • Amazon S3 access
  • IAM user permissions to deploy a CloudFormation stack  

After you sign up, you’ll just need to join us on May 31 and follow along to install and deploy. If you’ve already deployed Antivirus for Amazon S3, all you'll need to do is open your instance and follow along as we cover the best practices and latest features you have access to.

Spots are limited - we hope to see you there!


Register for Antivirus For Amazon S3 Workshop: Malware Scanning For Application Workflows now.


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