Better Together Partner Program

We have a good thing going and we want you to be a part of it

Do you deliver security, storage or other cloud solutions to customers who use AWS Storage Services? 

What if you could offer them a level of antivirus protection that can’t be found anywhere else, not even from AWS itself? What if you could offer them a data classification service that’s just as effective as AWS Macie, but for a fraction of the cost?

And what if you were rewarded well for doing so? 

Cloud Storage Security provides organizations that use Amazon S3, Amazon WorkDocs, Amazon EBS and Amazon EFS a safe way to store and share files via it's antivirus solution and also provides visibility into the type of data that’s being stored via data classification tooling.  

By working together, we can improve customers' cloud security, build trust, and strengthen relationships.


 We're looking to expand our roster of partners who sell to and through the AWS community.  

Partner Benefits


Drive Business

Every client using Amazon S3, WorkDocs, EFS or EBS is an upsell opportunity — propose solutions that competitors overlook and that customers are realizing they need: antivirus scanning and data classification; bundle based on need.

Extend Security

AWS does not scan data in S3 for advanced threats, leaving the door open to ransomware, viruses, trojans and more.  

Leverage Antivirus for Amazon S3 to open security conversations with both new and existing customers.


Advance Data Privacy

Data classification is a key component of privacy and protection programs. Organizations need to know what confidential and sensitive information is stored in their S3 buckets in order to manage it appropriately.  You can offer an economical way to do this with Data Classification for Amazon S3.

Sell Successfully

With a conversion rate that's consistently upwards of 38%, our user base continues to grow. Customers make the most of the 30 day free trial and most POCs subscribe at the end of their term because of the value we provide.

We'll arm you with the training, tools and support needed to engage customers and relieve the sales burden.

Manage Effortlessly 

We make it easy to get your clients up and running with: multi-client management from a centralized console, deployment in 15 minutes or less, AWS-based billing, proof of data protections and controls that can be shared at the push of a button, and more.

Lock in Long-Tail MRR

MSPs appreciate our attractive partner margin, easy-to-bundle modest subscription fees, and the additional revenue they can achieve by providing managed services on top of our solutions. Plus, there's no cost to get started.

Are We A Match?

If your clients fit any of the following scenarios, the Better Together Partner Program is an ideal solution:

Existing application workflows use S3, WorkDocs, EBS, or EFS and allow third parties to upload and/or download data 

Need to meet compliance frameworks for threat detection or data protection and privacy

Undergoing Digital Transformation and building new services on AWS 

Migrating to S3, moving data, files or media to the cloud

Target users include Application Owners, CISOs, Security Engineers, DevSecOps, Data Protection Officers



Let's Get Started

The Better Together Partner Program is open to MSPs and resellers who want to help customers enhance the security of the data that’s stored in and retrieved from Amazon S3, Amazon WorkDocs, Amazon EFS and Amazon EBS. 

Submit an application and we'll reach out to set up a 30 minute session that works best within your schedule. During our time together, we discuss what matters most to you — that can include:

  • A review of product features

  • Detailed discussion about pricing

  • Architecture and deployment overviews

  • A tour of the UI 

  • Anything else you have questions on or want to see!



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