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Cloud Storage Security allows users to detect Amazon S3 files that are infected with malware and viruses. When infected files are uploaded to Amazon S3, Cloud Storage Security detects the malicious files and guards against the spread of malware. Computer malware is rampant and an everyday fact of doing business.

Historically malware has been delivered through email, web, or even file sharing through shared network drives. The threat has evolved to include a new attack vector - uploading infected files to Amazon S3.
From there, other users that access the infected files can end up spreading the malware. Users and applications have come to rely on public cloud to provide storage of critical business files.
       More malware is finding its way to cloud storage as a result. Cloud Storage Security provides anti-malware protection for cloud storage to prevent users from inadvertently exposing themselves to malware by checking existing and new files for malware infections. Anti-malware software inspects a file and checks the content to detect malicious code or data. Once detected, Cloud Storage Security will remediate the object by either deleting, quarantining, or repairing the file. Cloud Storage Security is an automated security solution that efficiently discovers and scans files in Amazon S3 buckets for malware and threats. It integrates natively, scales automatically, and does not interfere with DevOp workflows. It is managed from a single console to optimize IT administration and security operations resources.Learn more about the benefits and how to deploy our anti-malware solution

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