What’s Lurking Beneath the
Surface of Your Data Lake?

Simplify Data Security for Data Lakes Built on Amazon S3

You've built a data lake on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to ingest, store, and use more data from more sources in real time with the idea that you'll improve decision-making, operations and innovation. 

But with these incredible business opportunities come increased responsibility and risk—for example, do you know for sure if the data housed in Amazon S3 contains malware or sensitive data? What about the buckets—are they public or private? And why do these S3 security considerations even matter when it comes to your data lake? 

This white paper:

  • Explores data lake security challenges
  • Discusses misconceptions about securing the data ingestion layer
  • Outlines solutions that simplify the process of securing and classifying data in Amazon S3

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White Paper - What’s Lurking Beneath the Surface of Your Data Lake?

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