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Timeline of CSS solution improvements and notable accomplishments

Cloud Storage Security Celebrates Three Years of Business

In March of 2020, Cloud Storage Security (CSS) was founded in order to answer a complicated and often-asked question: "How can I ensure the security of the data I store in the cloud?" Three years later, CSS has scanned billions of files totaling petabytes of data, found over 30,000 pieces of malware, and brought peace of mind to hundreds of customers across the world through its malware detection, sensitive data discovery, and storage assessment offerings.

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Ingest and analyze activity events from Cloud Storage Security in AWS CloudTrail Lake

AWS and CSS Teamed to Deliver Integration for AWS CloudTrail Lake

Antivirus and Data Classification provider enables customers to ingest events into AWS CloudTrail for security and compliance purposes

January 31, 2023 – Today, data security software provider Cloud Storage Security (CSS) is among the first Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partners to integrate with AWS CloudTrail Lake to consolidate activity data reporting. This is noteworthy as historically AWS CloudTrail did not ingest third party data; it logged data generated from AWS services. With this integration, customers can now ingest and analyze events in a CloudTrail-compatible schema from the CSS console to streamline auditing, security investigation, and operational troubleshooting.

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